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Jumpstarting your flat battery via charlie24

A common type of car breakdown

A flat or empty car battery or a battery that doesn't have enough power anymore to start you vehicle is a common breakdown problem. It can have many causes: lights kept on during the night, a cold (winter) night, a battery that needs to be replaced, etc. Whatever the reason may be, a Charlie can come to jump-start your vehicle if your battery is still in good conditions.

In case we cannot start your vehicle we can always tow you to the nearest garage.

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Simple and easy with charlie24

In case you cannot solve the issue with jump leads or jumper cables, or you don't want to do this yourself, you can call upon a Charlie. With charlie24 you can ask immediate roadside assistance via your smartphone to jump-start your car with a flat battery.

A Charlie will come immediately to start your vehicle of the battery is still in good condition. Een Charlie komt meteen langs komen om je voertuig te starten indien de batterij nog in goed staat is. In case we cannot start your vehicle we can always tow you to the nearest garage.

All this at a clear and upfront available price. The price for jump-starting your vehicle is calculated before you place your order. And this without any membership or yearly fee!

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Our intervention area

Our professional charlie24 network offers help to cars with flat batteries everywhere in Luxembourg. If we cannot jump-start your vehicle on the spot we can tow the vehicle to the closest garage.

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