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Flexible and digital roadside assistance platform for you and your customers

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A digital platform combining location-based services with real-time data. We deliver the best customer centric experience when your client needs you most.

Enhanced user experience

Provide your clients the best roadside assistance experience using our whitelabel webapp. Fully customizable and available from any connected device.

Streamline processes and reduce operational costs

Light and easy to use multi-user web-based platform. Its automated processes makes operations from dispatch to claim management cost effective.

Effortless API integration

Connect your systems with ours through our agile and secure API. Provide your own customized end-to-end assistance experience to your customers with our ready-to-use flexible platform.


Get help now

Co-branded or as white-label solution. Let your customers order immediate roadside assistance in a digital, simplified and easy way.

Back to you

We take your customers back to you for repair or replacement if they get stuck on the road with a breakdown

Just register

A user-friendly pay-per-use program, very easy to implement and low cost to push your sales up and retain your customers.

Use cases

Insurance & assistance companies

If you deploy assistance missions, Charlie24 Direct-to-Assistance® is clearly made for you!

Charlie24 Direct-to-Assistance® is a fully integrated digital platform that processes assistance requests from any intake signal (mobile and webapp, email, sms, voicebot…) to dispatch the mission to the most relevant service provider in any required format (voice server, sms, email, APIs, …).

The digital efficiency of the solution improves the user experience drastically, streamline the operations and reduce the overwhelming cost of call center and claim management operations.

For the automotive sector, Charlie24 also provides proven customer journeys to be implemented with the end-user interface (app).

Car dealers

Do you sell used cars? Here is how to convince your customer that your car is the best buy.

Charlie24 Business is a pay-per-use roadside assistance program created to be quickly integrated with any dealer CRM. As soon as your customers are registered, they benefit from the roadside assistance that you define (duration, included services, where to be towed, …). If they have a breakdown, they will be identified as your customer and benefit from the digital user experience and service of Charlie24. With the exception of the small registration fee, you will only be charged if a breakdown occurs.

The point is: "Can you resist the used car of your dreams when the dealer tells you it is so reliable that he is ready to cover the costs in case of breakdown?"

Workshops and parts resellers

Do you distribute tires, batteries or other parts? Of course they carry a warranty. But how do your customer reach back to you if they are stuck on the roadside with a breakdown (flat tire – no spare, flat battery – no booster, …)?

Increase your customers' satisfaction and generate new revenue streams with Charlie24 Mobility Guarantee. And make sure they come back to you in case of incident, so that you keep them loyal.

With Charlie24 Mobility Guarantee, your customers access the Charlie24 roadside assistance service with the best experience ever. And they come back to you because YOU define the program. With the exception of the small registration fee, you will only be charged if a breakdown occurs.

Fleets and rentals

Premier service and costs efficiency! We understand, we deliver!

Charlie24 Business reduces your fleet assistance costs and provides a complete visibility on the real-time roadside assistance service requests with the best user experience on the market for your customers. And access to meaningful reporting.

Connected car

Streamlined and easy integration of premier roadside assistance service with your connected car environment, is that possible? Yes, indeed!

Integrate Charlie24 Direct To Assistance™ in your Eco-System and let your customers benefit from the best assistance journey on the market, fully in line with the spirit of an integrated connected car environment.

Mobility programs

You think that your customers would benefit from a mobility guarantee program? That it would be an added value for them, and that it complements your products or services.

Do it with the solution that makes the difference in the market. We would be happy to hear from you, your ideas, and your thoughts. Charlie24 and its digitally integrated assistance solutions are uniquely flexible and we love innovative and creative ideas.