Charlie24 has been selected in the Orange Fab Belgium & Luxembourg

Exciting times to come for Charlie24, we have been selected as one of the three winning start-ups that will be accelerated in the Orange Fab BeLux program of three months.

Charlie24 winning Orange Fab

Orange Fab is a 3-month custom accelerator program intended for mature startups that are interested in developing business with Orange Belgium & Luxembourg. what's the point? Multiple opportunities to expand internationally. As of 2017, more than 250 start-ups have been accelerated worldwide since the launch of the 1st Orange Fab in 2013.

Charlie24 Orange Fab website

Why a cooperation with charlie24? Well... A mobile phone is indeed the most useful tool in case of car break down. In this case Orange can help its customers by providing a solution to such an unexpected and serious mobility issue.

Because Orange is one of the main telecom operators in Belgium And Luxembourg, the fit with charlie24 is perfect to use the Orange network as a  distribution channel.

Btw, Yellow & Orange are the international colors of roadside rescue services. 😉🚀

Congratulations and good luck to the other 2 start-ups Zembro and Communithings.

Exciting times to come!

Stay tuned for more information!