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Assistance companies, insurers, car makers

Leading assistance companies implement Charlie24

We get it – there is no time to waste. You have your own network of local towing service providers, and you must digitalize your operations, from customer intake to dispatch, or only part of them. Charlie24 has the best SaaS on the market and the experience to implement it with you. With a business model based on the savings that you will generate, you can only win.

What we offer

  • The digital solution you need in the form of a suite of cloud based customizable modules.
  • The technology but most of all the know-how and experience to integrate the digital solutions with your legacy systems (CRM...).
  • Business models based on savings so that you can’t lose. Yes, you will generate savings with Charlie24’s digital solutions
  • Customization to your environment.


  • Charlie24's solution considerably reduces the management costs of a claim.
  • You will save years of development and hurdles by implementing the SaaS of Charlie24 in your environment.
  • Charlie24 is fully dedicated to digital roadside assistance service and constantly enhances its service for the benefit of its clients.
  • You will be able to dispatch directly in other countries using the Charlie2’ network of local service providers. You might be interested to use our roadside services for your international cases.
  • Unique and innovative service in step with digital technology, providing the best user experience and Highest customer satisfaction rate.
  • Fewer complaints and increased customer value.

Roadside Assistance Made Simple

How does it work?

Charlie24 makes its solution, or part of it, available under the form of a SaaS. The implementation within your environment is part of the ad-hoc service that is provided by Charlie24 in close cooperation with your team.


  • We have our own network of service providers. Do we need to work with yours? We want to keep our own network. Of course, your own network is used for your roadside assistance services. By implementing the SaaS digital solution of Charlie24, we act as a software house, but with the particularity to be highly specialized in roadside assistance services. We save you the long time and heavy hurdles to develop and implement a digital solution yourselves. Choosing Charlie24 also guarantees that your digital service will aways be state-of-the-art on the market on an ongoing basis. If you wish to use our network of local service providers, of course Charlie24 will also be happy to provide you the service. For example, you might be interested to use our roadside services for your international cases. Working with us, you will be able to dispatch directly in other countries.
  • Why should we work with you and not with our “normal” software development house, or our internal IT resources? Charlie24 is fully dedicated to digital roadside assistance services. The experience gained by Charlie24 represents years and years of work and enhancements. The services are improved on a permanent basis. By selecting Charlie24, you make sure to benefit from this know-how as well as from the expertise that Charlie24 has gained in implementing its services with previous assistance companies. Charlie24 is in a unique position to save you lots of time, money and troubles by implementing their state-of-the-Art digital solutions, in the form of a SaaS, with the flexibility to customize it to your needs and environment.
  • Can we include different service specifications than those proposed by you? Yes, our SaaS is tailor-made for you according to your request. Charlie24 adapts the specifications of service according to your needs.
  • Our business clients have their own apps, can the digital customer journey of Charlie24 be included in their app? Of course, the Charlie24 web-app can be easily integrated ,and can be customized with your client's brand image (logo, colors...).

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