Flat tire

Call upon our Charlie's to repair your flat tire or place your spare tire for you. Simple, quick and easy via your smartphone or PC!

Get help now! Price in 3 clicks!

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Request immediate roadside assistance from local professionals at a clear and announced price, 24/7, via our webapp.


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90 sec

Average time of dispatch

Repair on the spot and placing spare tire

Flat tire ? If you have a spare tire a Charlie can place this for you and get you back on the road. Repairing a flat tire on the spot is sometimes also possible. In case you don't have a spare tire or a repair on the spot is not possible we can tow you to a garage or tire center wire your tires can be replaced or repaired.

A fixed price before you order

With Charlie24 you can ask a local towing company to help you in case of a flat tire. A Charlie comes over and places your spare tire or tires to repair the tire on the spot. All this each time at a clear and upfront available price. That's Charlie24 - roadside assistance made simple.

Entire Belgium & Luxembourg

Our professional Charlie24 network offers help to cars with flat tires in entire Belgium & Luxembourg. If you don't have a spare tire or we cannot repair on the spot we can tow the vehicle to the closest garage.

Our intervention area

Our professional Charlie24 network offers help to cars everywhere in Belgium & Luxembourg. We work together with local towing companies that guarantee a professional service.