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Charlie24 is a team of passionate professionals who dedicate their time and competences to make roadside assistance service simple and to its best through innovative technology. Their vision of roadside assistance and the flexibility of their digital developments make it possible to customize their services and cooperate with a large variety of industrial partners, building new business models and strategic relationships. Charlie24 is fully in line with the fast-paced development of the new world of mobility solutions which is taking shape currently. A deep collaborative approach distinguishes the Charlie24’s way of supporting its clients.

Best customer experience

Your customers are the center of focus of Charlie24. The commitment is to drive your customer experience towards the highest satisfaction level with the objective of driving customer loyalty to you brand. At Charlie24 we are committed to increase NPS to reach the highest level in the industry.

Customized industry solutions for your business

Charlie24 ‘s solution is built as a suite of digital modules. That structure makes it very flexible to adapt to a large variety of businesses. It allows for deep, although easy, customization to your products and business models. As examples, Charlie24 partner with top insurers, brokers, fleets, automotive parts OEMs, and car retailers to deliver innovative digital roadside customer experiences.

Why and how to collaborate with us?

Collaborating with Charlie24 means taking part in a project that has the ambition to revolutionize and optimize roadside assistance.

Our goal is to transform that unpleasant situation characterized by agitation and worry, into something that can be easily solved and in a short time.

If you too want to be part of this revolution, it will be up to you to choose how to join our project!

What are we looking for in a partnership?

Profitable and advantageous collaborations cannot arise from all businesses, which is why we have selected the sectors in which we are looking for companies that want to revolutionize roadside assistance, together with us!

What we are looking for in a partnership is trust, ambition and a propensity for digitization.

Read on to find out if your business falls within the selected sectors.


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