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A full range of roadside
assistance services

With Charlie24 you can ask, 24/7, via your smartphone, immediate roadside assistance from local professionals at a clear and upfront announced price.

Jump start

A battery which does not have enough power to get your vehicle started is one of the most common issues, and it can have many sources: a very cold night, lights that stayed on, an old battery, etc. Whatever the reason, Charlie24 can come and give your car a jump start to get it started again.

Tow in case of breakdown

Your vehicle is undrivale and needs to be towed? Every Charlie within Charlie24’s professional network of partners is able to tow your vehicle to wherever you want.

Help with flat tire

If you have a spare tire available with you, Charlie24 will change the tire for you and get you back on the road. If you don’t have an available spare tire, or have multiple flat tires, we'll try to fix them on the spot or tow your vehicle to a workshop or tire centre (an additional cost for towing will be applied).

Tow to nearest fuel station

It is not always possible to walk to the next fuel station when running out of fuel. If this situation happens, Charlie24 will not let you stranded and will tow you to the nearest fuel station.

ⓘ If you have put wrong fuel in your car, you can call upon a specialized company to solve the problem on the spot, like this one here!

Door unlock

Car keys left inside the vehicle? You can not open your car? Locked out? A Charlie will come to help you.

Vehicle recovery

Car stuck in snow, mud or sand? Or simply drove in a ditch? In case you don't manage to get out yourself or you fear of damaging your vehicle than Charlie24 is more than happy to get your vehicle back on the road so you can continue your journey.

Tow in case of accident

Nothing worse than being involved in an accident. If your vehicle has suffered an accident and can not run, Charlie24 can help also. You will know the price in advance and you can decide where the vehicle is to be towed to.