Increase ARPU and customer loyalty with a state-of-the-art digital mobility solution

Telecoms, utilities, banks, retailers

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Charlie24 is a great value-added service to be associated with your products. Your customers will appreciate it, and they will give you credit for that. Furthermore, it will also help increasing your ARPU (Average Revenue per user) by generating an additional revenue stream. Finally, in case of a breakdown, your customers will be helped more efficiently than ever before, which will reflect on the value of your program.

What we offer

  • A fully digital roadside assistance service, available nationwide and across Europe. The user can access the service through Charlie24’ state-of-the-art webapp or through its seamless integration into your own ecosystem. In specific cases, or following the wish of the customer, our call center operator available 24/7 intervenes and follows the service step by step.
  • A real Flexibilty to adapt to the needs of your specific business.
  • Customization of the digital journey to your brand image and integration within your ecosystem and loyalty programs.


  • Increased customer value
  • Additional revenue stream to increase your ARPU
  • Higher customer satisfaction rate (NPS)
  • Innovative digital service supporting your brand image

Roadside Assistance Made Simple

How does it work?

There are various ways to have your customers benefit from Charlie24’s roadside assistance services:

  • Through API, so that Charlie24 can check their eligibility in your database in real time when a breakdown happens to one of your customers.
  • You can register your customers/vehicles with Charlie24 with file transfer, or many other possibilities, whatever is most convenient for you.

All methods implemented with Charlie24 fully respect the GDPR as well as your ownership of customer data.

The customer can access the service through a Webapp seamlessly integrated in your ecosystem (if existing), for example your application; or a (toll-free) phone number. In this case, a sms with a link to access the service is sent in case the digital journey is selected. More ways to access the service are possible as well.

Your customers can also receive a card with a QR code from you, or a link through which they can use the service.


  • My customers are mostly people with little familiarity with technology, will they be able to use your service? Of course, the Charlie24 web- app was created precisely so that everyone can use it, even people who are not familiar with technology. The request can be placed in just 3 clicks.
  • Can I include service conditions other than those proposed by you? Yes, our service is tailor-made according to your requests. Charlie24 adapts the specifications of service according to your needs.
  • Where can my customers download your app from? Charlie24 is not an application, but a web- app accessible from any connected device, without the need to download anything. Your customers will receive a card with a QR code, or a link to access the service in case of need.
  • I already have my application, can I enter Charlie24 directly in my app? Of course, the Charlie24 web- app can be easily integrated and can be customized with your brand image.

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